My Struggle with Thinning Hair

**I was not paid to write this review in any way. This is just my own personal experience. Results may very with every individual**

I have had thinning hair for awhile now. 5 years maybe….give or take a year. Since my recent hysterectomy surgery….menopause has wreaked havoc on my body….especially my hair. The top of my hair has become so thin, you can literally see through my hair….right to my scalp. It’s very embarrassing for me. It makes me very self conscious. My family has thinning hair as well so I knew that it may affect me one day.

I have been colouring my hair since I was 18 years old….and I am now 49….so I know that doesn’t help at all. I used bleaching products and everything else to keep up with the current styles and looks. I tried everything possible to help give me bounce and volume to my hair. Some products only lasted temporarily. Some products I have recently found really help with volume when it comes to styling my hair.

Recently I discovered a product that has alot of positive reviews about helping people with thinning hair. That it may help to regrow hair.

It’s called Viviscal. It’s a pill that you take twice a day for 3 to 6 months. I did alot of research on this product vs Rogaine for women…..and Viviscal seems to have the higher ratings and approvals. Plus the thought of putting a mousse on my hair every day that has a strong medicinal smell did not appeal to me. Taking a pill is much more easier. I was still on the fence about trying it, but I was at the point of trying anything now. So I broke down and bought my first month supply. The pills are not very big…..about the same size as a Tylenol. I take mine in the morning and then at suppertime. It says to take with food so I take it with my meals. I have read that it makes some people’s hair greasy or makes their stomach upset…..but I have not experienced any of that. I have found that the Viviscal is a bit more pricey than the Rogaine….about $60 a month.

So far I am very impressed with Viviscal. My hair has more body and volume. It even feels thicker when I put it in a ponytail. I am noticing less hairs in my brush and in the sink after washing my hair. I have less hairs falling out during the day. I have only been on it for 13 days so far, but so far so good. I am very excited to see how much more my hair will grow and if I will get any new growth. I will update this post at a later date with newer results.

The differences are very slight with the above photos but I am very pleased with the results so far.

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